Friday, October 23, 2009

for the past decade with coasts...

* 1999 – I conducted a self motivated research on seahorse exploitation rate and conservation in Palk Bay. This report was submitted to WWF-Switzerland.

* 2002 - I conducted 1100 km solo bike expedition for creating awareness on the conservation of mangroves and coral reefs in Gulf of Mannar Biosphere Reserve. Seminars and street awareness programmes were conducted in coastal villages and schools along the route. It helps to attract mass media coverage for the cause of conservation of coral reefs and mangroves of our region. This experience has provided a strong outlook on the relationship between conservation, awareness and economic status of fishers.

* 2003 - I conducted an inventorization research of flora and fauna of protected Muthupet Mangrove Reserve Forest in 2003. This report was submitted to Tamil Nadu Forest Department to understand the spatial distribution of mangrove associates and management with special reference to Koraiyar creek.

*2004 – I voluntarily reported the dead olive ridleys to WWF-India. As a follow up, I organized a mass sea turtle conservation awareness programmes 14 coastal villages funded by WWF. This experience energized my public communication skills and leading a team to launch the conservation task.

*2004 - I founded OMCAR Foundation ( – (Organization for Marine Conservation, Awareness and Research) to independently concentrate on conservation of Protected mangroves of Muthupet, adjacent seagrass beds and environmental awareness. This NGO is the platform that I formed for my lifetime marine conservation activities.

*2004-2009 I have been guiding mangrove ecological education field trips and coastal clean up programmes for school, college and nature club members in Muthupet Mangrove Reserve Forest. It helps them to understand the components, functions and services of our mangroves. A total of 1452 persons have been participated in the mangrove ecology education field trip and awareness programmes since 2004.

* Since 2005 – I initiated and Ecological Mangrove Restoration in the Protected and Unprotected coastal areas of northern Palk Bay. I have been scientifically guiding the cost-effective, natural way of mangrove regeneration for Tamil Nadu Forest Department in my District. These sites are approved as EMR sites by Mangrove Action Project. About 15 hectares of degraded mangroves are successfully restored along the coast through this programme, where partial harvest of crabs and fishes are allowed for the fishers.

* Since 2005 - In an effort to create an opportunity for international youths on mangrove and seagrass conservation issues, I have been guiding international internship students to explore the ecolgocial settings of northern Palk Bay. 12 students from University of Eberswalde, Technical Universitat Berlin, University of Cologne, and University of Queensland have been visited our area. I guide and teach them about the seagrass and mangrove monitoring techniques as a co-guide.

* Since 2005. 24 coastal village schools of northern Palk Bay region have been seen my trimester seminars on conservation of mangroves, seagrass beds. They are motivated to participate in costal clean-up, plantation, rally and field trips.

*2006-2007. I have paddled alone in a sea kayak for 600km along the coast of Tamil Nadu to create awareness on the conservation of coastal ecosystems of Tamil Nadu. Each day, I met fishers, children and media to highlight the conservation of Gulf of Mannar Biosphere Reserve and Protected Mangrove Forests of our coast. It helps to express my commitment and enthusiasm by spending physical energy in fierce waves, currents, my time and money.

* Since 2007. I surveyed the rare, local and endemic trees on the coastal and adjacent areas in my region. This native tree species are playing a crucial role to protect against natural disasters as a back support for protected mangroves. Now, a separate nursery was established for the breeding of those rare tree species. The seedlings have been planted in school, college and streets in the coastal villages.

*Since 2007 – 18,435 tree seedlings have been donated to plant in school, college and other intuitional campuses under my leadership. This has been possible due to the engagement of our 83 eco club volunteers and other local NGOs.

*2005-2009 I have conducted an ecological research programme to assess the distribution, diversity, associated fish assemblages and socio-economics of seagrasses of northern Palk Bay, located adjacent to Muthupet mangrove reserve forest. This research programme reveals the migration of fishes between Muthupet Mangrove Reserve Forest and Seagrass beds to elucidate the holistic conservation approach.

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