Thursday, October 16, 2014

Solo Beach Walk...

I thought to observe shoreline seagrasses in local beach.

It was pleasant weather, and I found very shallow seagrass beds of H. pinifolia.  The meadow is in stress with algae coverage.  Several shrimp farms located around are dumping their nutrient rich waste water that proliferates algal growth on natural seagrass beds.  This site is located very close to an outlet.

An underwater view showing how the seagrass beds is in stress by algae, which blocks sunlight making weaker, unhealthy meadows.  Such situations slowly replace seagrass into algal bed.

Seaward edge of the bed showing some healthy leaves

This sandy shoreline occur in between algal and seagrass meadows. Local fishers told that our coastal areas was covered by such sandy bottom few decades ago, where shoreline seagrass meadows were vast in size and healthy.  

After an hour, an unexpected clouds dimmed sunlinght.

Our coastal waters in Palk Bay is enriched by nutrients by the decomposed seagrasses

Back home, as nature decided enough today.

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