Sunday, December 16, 2012

Spreading Nature Conservation among Children...

The photos our monthly marine conservation education at our Palk Bay Environmental Education Centre.  We invite local school students for one day event.  Students are learning about importance of coastal ecosystem conservation and it directly linked with the economy of their family.  

We teach the healthy mangroves and seagrass beds are the only longterm suppliers of income to each fisher family living in Palk Bay.  Destruction of those ecosystem  by overfishing and illegal fishing methods will also affect socioeconomic status of fisher villages.

We don't teach but we let them to learn by themselves by experimenting research equipments, cooking in solar cookers, observing marine plankton (important food for young fishes - big fishes - fish catch).

We highly respect each student and how best we can provide our centre to create awareness about beautiful Palk Bay and its conservation.