Friday, March 8, 2013

A day along the coast....

On 4th March 2013, we travelled in our new boat from Nagappattinam to Mallipattinam (~ 100km). 33 foot sized boat was flying upto its half of its length while crossing the surf zone. 

I was curious to drive our boat, a childhood dream. Enjoyed waves, swells and strong currents close to Point calimere). We saw dolphins playing very close to the shore in Point Calimere, a dead turtle floating in the middle of ocean current, schools of fishes.

And we ran out of both main and reserved fuel offshore of Muthupet lagoon. So, we enjoyed sunset with some marine birds (later mosquitoes from mangroves). And got additional fuel from our friends in night.

We did not prepared with lights as our plan was to raid in day time along the coast, but we finally ended up to complete last 22 km in late night.

So, we decided to go straight line instead of along the coast to reduce distance and time.

One of us, sat at the front watching any dark objects (other boats) to change our directions. Trawlers boats were strong, bigger with good lights. They could not see our boat, so every time we had to zig zag among crowd of trawelers boats in some places (note: trawlers are not allowed to operate there). My GPS helped to orient to our destination.

Finally, this adventurous day showed how we have to prepare well for long boat travels.

 Floating dead turtle 

On the way.... 

 just launched into the water....

 Sunset during the travel...

 Marine Birds in Point Calimere

Splashing water in top speed