Thursday, October 11, 2012

Exploring Artificial Reefs in Palk Bay - after six years of implementation

We recently started a project to understand the present status of Artificial Reefs in northern Palk Bay, and its associated fish assemblages.  We did a preliminary survey to geolocate the reef sites, and will be following up the research to study the types of fishes, seasonal variation and difference in fish assemblage between artificial reef site and natural sites.

Here are some photos that I took today during our free diving (diving without cylinder by holding breath).  I used Gopro underwater camera.  It needs experience to hold your breath underwater in open sea, however Palk Bay is such a placid water body where I feel more comfortable.

Visibility was not good which was only upto two to three meters in two sites and better in the third. I enjoyed  diving as well as seeing fishes underwater.  This trip gives us a good first hand information about the reefs.

Some photos from today free diving...
my colleagues 

First shot in six years after implementing this block

Boat from swimming view

Fishes surrounding Artificial Reefs

Damaged by whom! May be by trawlers!

A fisherman dives like flying...

Alone with few fishes, and buried into the sand.  

Rest on the boat...

Beautiful Reefs and its fish assemblage