Friday, June 21, 2013

A day of Harpoon Fisher in Palk Bay, Tamil Nadu

Today, I swam with a fisher in Palk Bay, who swims about five to six hours to catch crabs and fishes for his daily life. Meet such amazing people living closely with nature in our own coast. 

Light From Heaven on Palk Bay

This kind of artisanal, traditional fishers are become rare, due to mechanized boats and indiscriminate fishing in Palk Bay.

Smile on the surface. I found him about 1 km away from the coast while riding back to shore, and jumped into water to see his fishing. He told that he usually start swimming from 8 am to 2 pm to catch fishes and crabs using harpoon.

Locally made mask has been used by artisanal fishers in Tamil Nadu.

This long net was towed with live crabs and fishes.

Catching crab....

Cat fish and crabs.

Our coasts are such wonderful place that provide highly nutritious sea food to rural society and nurtures traditional life skills. We have to protect and preserve our coast as a gift from mother nature.

Live crabs in bag

Searching underwater again.

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